Category: Tournament

Sep 6 HCTT Circuit Tournament

Jul 19 HCTT Circuit Tournament

29 players entered the HCTT Circuit July Tournament. Here are the results:

May 3 HCTT Circuit Tournament

There are 29 players competed U1000, U1200, U1400, U1600, U1800 and Open. Here are the list of finalists:

Mar 1 HCTT Circuit Tournament

32 players entered the tournament. Here are the result: Open: 1st: Hochman, Stephen 2nd: Cheong Si 1800: 1st: Philip Van Dusen 2nd: Cheong Si 1600 1st: Philip Van Dusen 2nd: Chanakya Anne 1400 1st: Neis, Adriano 2nd: McCormick, Michael J.