The HCTT Circuit Tournaments are open to USATT members and those who join at the event. Novices (no rating) may enter other rating-limited events but may not advance past the round robin. Tournament management may modify, combine, or cancel events based on the number of entries.

2018 Tournament Schedule

Jan 06, 2018Mar 04, 2018
May 06, 2018Jul 01, 2018
Sep 02, 2018Nov 04, 2018

2016 HCTT Circuit Events

U-1000 / Novice RRSaturday9:00 AM$20 ($15 Jr)Trophies
U-1200 RRSaturday9:00 AM$20 ($15 Jr)Trophies
U-1400 RRSaturday9:00 AM$20 ($15 Jr)Trophies
U-1600 RRSaturday10:00 AM$20 ($15 Jr)Trophies
U-1800 RRSaturday11:00 AM$251st $60, 2nd $40
U-2000 RRSaturday 12:30 PM$251st $80, 2nd $50
Open RRSaturday01:30 PM$251st $100, 2nd $70

  • This is a USATT sanctioned tournament, all players must have valid USATT membership (more detail) to enter any event; USATT regulations apply, including dressing code.
  • Prizes may be adjusted depending on number of entries
  • Event with less then 4 players will be cancelled; Round robins for event with 5 or less players; Event with 6 or more people will be divided into groups, round robin within group; first two advance to cross elimination.
  • All events are round robin followed by single elimination. Players for each event may be seeded out of round robin depending on the number of entries
  • All matches are best 3 of 5;
  • There is a maximum of 3 round robins per player on any one day.

Tournament Entry Form

We use Joola Super-P 3 Star Plastic Ball for all events.


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