Tuesday Night League

Time: 7:30 pm to 10 pm  (Deadline for signing up is 7:15 PM)
Format: Players are put in groups of 5-6 of similar level, based on club ratings. USATT or estimated rating is used first time. A complete round robin is played.  In general matches are best of THREE to 11; for case of groups with 7 or more players, matches are best of TWO to 11. All matches are processed for USATT League ratings.

Attention: If you are not a USATT member, first enter the league. Please register yourself(no cost); and join HCTTC Tuesday Night League.


  • Club members rated over 1000: pay a $3 fee
  • Club members rated under 1000 : pay a $5 fee
  • Non-club members : pay $10 adult / $8 junior (age 18 & under)

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