USATT Membership

Membership Type Associate General
Adult 1-year n/a $75
Adult 3-year n/a $210
Adult 5-year n/a $325
Junior 1-year n/a $45
Junior 3-year n/a $125
Collegiate 1-Year n/a $45
Household 1-Year n/a $150
Contributor n/a $45
Lifetime n/a $1,300
Tournament Pass (per tournament) $20 n/a


  • General Members. No ratings fees for USATT Sanctioned Tournaments, USATT Events (US Open, US National Championships), and/or USATT Sanctioned Leagues. USATT will continue to offer multi-year memberships under the “General Membership” category.
  • Associate Members. May pay on a per-event basis as outlined below. Associate Memberships will only be offered on a year-to-year basis, and Associate Members may not participate in USATT Sanctioned Leagues. Please note that, in accordance with the USATT By-Laws, Associate Members may not vote in elections.
  • Contributor memberships are for those who are required to be, or wish to remain as, paying members of USATT (e.g. Coaches and Officials) but won’t be competing in sanctioned leagues or tournaments. If a contributor member wishes to play in a sanctioned league or tournament, they will have to purchase a tournament pass or upgrade to a full membership.